Bonn, 14 June 2019. The UN climate change meeting of government representatives and experts in Bonn, Germany starting on June 17th is overshadowed by ongoing human suffering and ecological damage from extreme weather anomalies, as well as growing public pressure on governments from climate strikes and youth movements to urgently prevent a climate breakdown. The international aid organization, CARE, urges governments at the UN negotiations to come together and massively increase their efforts to tackle the climate crisis by advancing measures to address loss and damage in vulnerable countries and rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels. During the talks, the EU leaders will also be in the spotlight as they are urged to adopt a more ambitious emission reduction target on 20/21 June.

“Strong cyclones, such as Idai and Kenneth which recently struck Southern Africa, record-breaking droughts, and heat waves, are a growing indication of the planetary climate emergency we are facing. Poor and marginalized people, particularly women and girls, are the first to suffer from these impacts, but their strength to respond with smart solutions is hampered from strained resources and capacities.”

Vitu Chinoko, CARE’s Southern Africa Advocacy and Partnerships Coordinator

“We urge developed countries at the climate talks to support poor countries in their demands for more ambitious action on loss and damage. Strong commitments are essential in the lead up to the September UN climate summit and the preparation for the COP25 review of the UN loss and damage mechanism. When the impacts of the climate emergency leave poor families without food, shelter, or land, support must be provided by those who are better-off and who contributed most to this crisis. This is a matter of climate justice.”

Sven Harmeling, CARE’s Global Policy Lead on Climate Change and Resilience

“Women play a critical role in driving sustainable climate solutions. However, they are not yet systematically invited to design climate policies, and struggle to access adequate funding to support their actions. Governments meeting in Bonn must fulfill their commitments made in Paris to implement a rights-based approach to climate action and fully integrate gender equality into their national climate plans.”

Fanny Petitbon, CARE France Advocacy Manager