The CARE Climate Justice Center leads and coordinates the integration of climate justice and resilience across CARE’s development and humanitarian work. We aim to support and strengthen the ability of CARE and its partners to increase resilience and tackle the causes and consequences of climate change. 

The climate crisis is having a devastating impact on the poorest and most marginalized people in developing countries, particularly women and girls. Climate change jeopardizes the benefits and progress already made in addressing the injustice of poverty and gender inequalities, while increasing the demand to respond to urgent humanitarian needs.

As a result of insufficient action by major emitters, climate impacts are steadily worsening and it’s estimated climate change may push an additional 132 million people into poverty by 2030.

CARE’s global goal is to strengthen the resilience and adaptive capacities of 25 million poor and marginalized people, particularly women and girls, to the effects of climate change by 2030.

For CARE, climate justice means a future where the poorest and most marginalized have improved their wellbeing significantly. It’s about a future where women and men can enjoy their human rights due to increased resilience to climate change, increased equality and a global temperature rise that is limited to 1.5°C. 

In order to achieve these goals, the CARE Climate Justice Center focuses on three interconnected pathways of change: 
  • Increased capacities and assets for people of all genders.
  • Improved enabling environment through policies and actions by power-holders in the Global North and the Global South.
  • Strengthened collective voice and action of Civil Society, including Social Movements.

The CARE Climate Justice Center’s main goal is to coordinate and enable the integration of climate justice and resilience across CARE’s development and humanitarian work.

We achieve this by sharing tools and fostering knowledge exchange between our 100+ global offices and local partners, facilitating learning through the CARE Climate and Resilience Academy, and undertaking and supporting advocacy efforts at global, regional and national level.

With our integrated approach, CARE intends to tackle the inequalities that are at the heart of our current systems: the systems that were designed to protect the privileges of particular groups but which can no longer be held.

The CARE Climate Justice Center is an endeavor of CARE International, coordinated by CARE Netherlands. You can find out more about our team here, and read more about our approach in our Climate Justice Strategy, which is part of the CARE 2030 Vision. 

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CARE’s Climate & Resilience Capacity Statement