In 2017, CARE Yemen, in partnership with ACF implemented a European Union-funded resilience program in Abyan and Amran Governorates using a “Cash Plus” approach. The program focused on previously underserved areas and provided cash transfers combined with community support projects. The overall objective was to enhance food and nutrition security, promote livelihood recovery and resilience of vulnerable households, and stimulate local markets. The program design was aligned to the Humanitarian Development Nexus framework, which focuses on a shift from supplying humanitarian assistance to those who need it, to reducing the demand for humanitarian assistance by addressing the root causes.

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The Gendered Dimension of Multi-Purpose Cash Supporting Disaster Resilience

Early learning on the impacts of Multi-Purpose Cash Transfers and Community Support Projects on household and community resilience building, Amran and Abyan Governorates, Yemen

The overall objective of this study is to assess the impact of the Multi-Purpose Cash (MPC) on the resilience of households targeted by the program, with a focus on the experiences of female-headed households, their challenges with increasing their resilience, and barriers that male-headed households do not face.

The study had a qualitative-quantitative approach and the key questions were explored from the perspectives and experiences of male- and female-headed households. All new and existing data was disaggregated by gender for comparison and to explore any differences. Gender-related questions were also asked in key informant interviews (KII).