CARE’s 2020 Food and Nutrition Security Strategy commits CARE to supporting 150 million of the most vulnerable people worldwide, and includes a goal to reach 50 million poor and vulnerable women, girls, men and boys to increase their food and nutrition security and their resilience to climate change. This provides an opportunity to consider CARE’s vision of achieving global food and nutrition security in the context of increasing frequency and intensity of conflicts and natural disasters, pervasive inequity, population growth, increasing climate change and variability, and a depleting natural resource base.

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A Vision for Just and Sustainable Food Systems: The CARE 2020 Food and Nutrition Security Strategy

As food and nutrition security is one of the key outcome areas for CARE 2020, this strategy document provides a framework for our food and nutrition security work in an increasingly vulnerable world. Building on the detailed CARE International 2010 Food and Nutrition Security Strategy, this document brings together the best of CARE’s knowledge, expertise and programming to achieve our goals of saving lives, fighting poverty and social injustice.

CARE’s goal is to improve the food and nutrition security of 50 million people by 2050, and aggressively address the injustices in global food systems. In keeping with CARE’s roles, we focus on directly saving lives and promoting longterm development through our programs, and multiplying impact through evidence and influencing at a global scale. Our vision is a world free of hunger today and for generations to come. We do this by focusing on building SuPER food systems that address the needs of today’s world, and the needs of future generations.