Each of these toolkit chapters are based on the practical experience of civil society organizations associated with the Southern Voices program around the world.

They have been structured to help you plan and deliver effective advocacy to combat the causes and effects of climate change, to support and protect poor and vulnerable communities, and to ensure that their voices are heard by policymakers locally, nationally and globally.

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Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits 1-9

Toolkit 1: Introducing Advocacy and Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits

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Start Here!

Introducing Advocacy and the Climate Change Advocacy Toolkit

Toolkit 2: Planning Advocacy

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Planning Advocacy

Toolkit 3: Framing the Debate

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Framing the Debate

Toolkit 4: Strengthening Advocacy Networks

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Strengthening Advocacy Networks

Toolkit 5: Influencing Decision Makers

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Influencing Decision Makers

Toolkit 6: Engaging the Public

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Engaging the Public

Toolkit 7: Engaging the Media

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Engaging the Media

Toolkit 8: Supporting Local Voices

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Supporting Local Voices

Toolkit 9: Policy Implementation & Finance

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Policy Implementation & Finance