Since 2008, the CARE-WWF Alliance has sought to test in practice the idea that empowering some of the poorest and most vulnerable women and communities on the planet to engage in sustainable livelihoods and natural resource governance could improve their wellbeing and conserve globally important biodiversity.

A decade after its inception, the Alliance used existing project data to support an evaluation that assessed the social impacts of an integrated conservation and development program in Primeiras e Segundas (P&S), Mozambique.

In 2018 and 2019, the Alliance collaborated with expert consultants, academics, and the Alliance for Conservation Evidence and Sustainability to implement a mixedmethods evaluation answering two questions:

1. What are the social impacts of natural resource management in P&S?

2. How do impacts vary between those who participated in: conservation interventions; development interventions; both conservation and development interventions; or neither conservation nor development interventions?

CARE-WWF Alliance_MEL Brief_Moz lessons recommendations_2020

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