COP22 in Marrakesh: Moving together, but NOT fast and aggressive enough to deliver for the poorest

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CARE COP22 Judgement Paper

In CARE’s judgement paper we summarize key results from COP22 in areas of particular concern to CARE’s mission of overcoming poverty and in relation to CARE’s expectations for COP22. The world must now:

  1. Take concrete steps towards the 1.5°C limit
  2. Scale up good adaptation action and support for the most vulnerable
  3. Strengthen action on loss and damage from climate impacts
  4. Promote food and nutrition security in climate action 
  5. Ensure gender-equitable and rights-based approaches in climate action 

CARE is pleased to see overall positive outcomes from COP22 on gender and on addressing loss and damage from climate impacts. However, climate finance in particular for adaptation and especially for countries in Africa, remains too low, and it remains unclear how developed countries will increase the share of adaptation finance up to the promised balance with mitigation finance. Thus, COP22 in Marrakech ended without the scale of finance required and the clarity needed on the way forward. 

The COP also left unclear how the 2018 facilitated dialogue will help to increase the mitigation ambition of national climate action contributions and commitments. Increasing ambition immediately, in particular in developed countries is essential to stay below 1.5°C. Agriculture negotiations ended in a deadlock, postponed to May 2017. New initiatives outside formal negotiations reflect awareness of the mounting challenge of ensuring food security in a climate-disrupted world, but the lack of concrete progress in agriculture negotiations leaves these initiatives without a common framework to ensure quality and respect for the principles of the Paris Agreement.