Published | 3rd July 2017

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Ethiopia Climate Information Services Country Report

This country assessment into the impact of climate information services (CIS) in Ethiopia was carried out by C4EcoSolutions and is part of an overall regional impact assessment of CIS approaches developed by CARE’s Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) across five countries is sub-saharan Africa.

This country report explores the extent of PSP uptake and adoption in Ethiopia and the major challenges and innovations which took place within the PSP process. The assessment further reports on the value and impact of PSP’s in Ethiopia, particularly on how the process has strengthened adaptive capacities and community level climate resilience.

The findings within this Ethiopia country report highlight that contextualising the PSP process and tailoring advisories to the local context is of critical importance. Existing governance structures will determine the extent to which such tailoring will be successful and sustainable.

Key success factors of PSPs in Ethiopia include; i) developing new knowledge for communities and individual members (e.g. communicating the element of uncertainty and probability for decision-making), ii). creating new and transforming existing stakeholder relationships (e.g. community members and other users having a direct channel to technical personnel and producers of climate forecasts) and iii). bringing community members that have otherwise been marginalised – such as women and youth – into the decision making process.

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