Southern Voices on Adaptation (SVA) is a coalition of organizations from Asia, Africa and Latin America, many of whom have been working together on climate change advocacy since 2009, following COP15 in Copenhagen. SVA members have actively collaborated, one of their main achievements has been to pool together their experience and analysis in order to define what “good” adaptation policies should look like. They have compiled this into the Joint Principles of Adaptation (JPA) – a shared product that serves as a working tool. The seven principles and the twenty-eight accompanying
criteria of the JPA serve as an agenda for monitoring, as a basis for advocacy, and a vehicle for building partnerships and alliances with other organizations.

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Milestones Towards Pro-Poor Adaptation

Civil Society Achievements in Promoting Effective and Equitable Adaptation to Climate Change

This publication shares SVA’s considerable progress in reaching milestones and policy changes everywhere towards COP23. Most of the successes reported owe themselves to the degree of effort contributed by SVA partner members and their civil society allies. In some cases, they have recently cooperated with their national governments in preparation for COP23.