This checklist aims to assist producers and translators in developing agro-advisories (forecast and forecast-based advice) that are gender-inclusive and useful for both men and women farmers.

It presents five indicators to determine the actionability of such agro-advisories:

(1) What information is available?

(2) If it is available, is it accessible?

(3) If available and accessible, is it on time?

(4) If available, accessible, and on time, can end-users understand it?

(5) If available, accessible, timely, and understandable, is it useful?

Here, we have highlighted key items for each component of actionability based on our experiences in Southeast Asia. The extra empty line is provided to remind ourselves that no place is the same, that the list therefore is inconclusive, and that it is necessary to modify with our own contextualized details.

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Gender-inclusive actionable agro-advisories

A checklist