Care Climate Change

Today, climate change is causing harm and damage, notably amongst the poorest people and nations on this planet who have contributed the least. Increasing resilience and tackling the causes and consequences of climate change is at the heart of CARE’s mission and is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular on gender equality and the eradication of poverty. Governments, businesses, civil society and other relevant stakeholders need to ramp up action to ensure the world rapidly shifts to zero emission and climate-resilient development pathways in order to achieve the agreed goals of the Paris Agreement (PA). Increasing the protection of the poorest and most vulnerable and cutting emissions to limit the rate of climate change are two sides of the same coin:

COP23 must advance and initiate concrete climate action wherever possible, based on principles of human rights and equity, and achieve key progress in the government’s’ negotiations over the Paris Agreement’s concrete modalities. COP23 should also provide an impetus for further dialogue and increased country ambition in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and support to vulnerable populations by accelerating action under the Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action, and other initiatives.

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