Short Course

Introduction to Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest threat of our time. But what exactly is climate change, and what is causing it ? What are the effects of climate change and how is it preventing the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals ? What is the link between climate change and gender ? This course will answer these questions, making you familiar with the concept of climate justice, climate mitigation and adaptation.

6 lessons 2 hours All English Beginner

Becoming a Climate-Smart Organisation

As climate-change is directly increasing poverty and inequalities, it is important for every organization to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of this online course is twofold: (1) creating understanding on why organisations (specifically Civil Society Organisations) must reduce their emissions and (2) providing useful tools and tips to reduce offices’ emissions.

6 lessons 1 hour Development practitionners English Beginner

Increasing Resilience Approach and Marker

Increasing Resilience is one of the three elements of CARE’s integrated approach, and is key to address the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice. This course will help you get a better understanding of CARE’s Increasing Resilience approach and how to assess resilience integration with the help of CARE’s Resilience Marker.

10 lessons 2 hours CARE staff English Intermediate