This trainer pack provides you the materials to organize a 2-hour workshop on how to become a climate-smart organization.

At the end of this workshop, participants will :

  • Have a better understanding of climate change.
  • Have a better understanding of the activities that can be carried out to mitigate office emissions.
  • Have prioritized a few mitigation actions to take forward


This 2-hour workshop is made up of 3 sessions:

  • What is Climate Change?
  • Climate Change Quiz
  • Becoming Climate-Smart


This training is designed for practitioners from development or humanitarian organizations and institutions (iNGOs, CSOs, UN institutions, etc.) to motivate them to take action and make their organizations climate-smart.

Access materials

Here are the different materials you will find in this trainer pack:

User Guide

This 2-page user guide should be read first. It will give you useful information on the proposed workshop: duration, audience, materials included in the pack, materials needed to organize the training and to be printed in advance of the trainings, tips for organizing the trainings, and more.

Training Agenda

In this document, you will find a proposed agenda for this 2-hour workshop. It should be adapted to your audience and facilitator’s names can be added in the last column. Ideally, once adapted, this agenda should be shared with participants in advance of the training.

PowerPoint Support

This PowerPoint is to be used for facilitating this 2-hour workshop. It is divided in different sections. For each slide, comments have been included with the main information to be shared with participants and guidance for facilitating group exercises. It is really important to work on this PowerPoint beforehand to adapt it to the specific needs of the participants.

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