The Migration for Adaptation Guide

Foster the potentials for migration

Through different forms of migration, rural societies are increasingly connected beyond community boundaries. Mobility and connectedness are so common in most rural areas that they should not be overlooked, nor should they be seen as exclusively problematic. Thus it is important to understand what influence migration has on the local context of community adaptation projects – for example, on resource conservation, on agricultural innovation, on the way communities deal with and recover from climate-related risks, and on community development more broadly.

This guide, created by CARE partner organization in Thailand – RaksThai – and the TransRe Project, will help practitioners to understand such influences of migration, by applying a “translocal” perspective that highlights mobility and connectedness beyond community boundaries. In doing so, it assists practitioners with recognising and realising the potentials of migration, in order to amplify positive and to mitigate negative effects of migration.

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