Published | 24th July 2017

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ALFA 2017 Communique

The Africa Learning Forum on Adaptation (ALFA 2017) which took place in Senegal in March 2017 aimed at strengthening the linkages and commitment towards high-quality adaptation programmes and actions, supported by capacity building opportunities, and resulting in long-term climate resilience among Africa’s vulnerable populations. Out of the event, has come the vision:  

ALFA 2017 Objectives: 

1.       Adaptation knowledge into action: drawing from successful adaptation initiatives, knowledge and evidence, and analysis of drivers and barriers. 

2.       An African framework of experts: exchange on  adaptation learning, capacity building and training  opportunities in Africa, their current and future potential for sustainability and up-scaling.

3.       An enabling environment: exploring ideas for improved coordination, continuous learning, knowledge brokering and exchange related to adaptive decisions, capacity building and action.    

Coming from 52 African and global government and non-state organisations working across the spectrum of adaptation policy, finance, practice, capacity building and research in 23 African countries, ALFA 2017 deliberated on the significant threat climate change poses to Africa’s sustainable development and how an increased commitment to people centred adaptation and collaborative learning could address this serious issue. This communique is the joint output of those discussions and represents a call to maintain momentum on adaptation learning and to strengthen multi-actor and cross sector learning structures such as ALFA.

A French version of the communique is available here.

Visit the ALFA 2017 website to find out more about the event.

Are you working on adaptation in Africa and want to get involved in the ALFA movement? Would you like to contribute to these objectives? Out of ALFA2017 comes the vision and with it champions to take this work further. Contact for more information.

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