Since 14 June, Pakistan has been experiencing an abnormal monsoon rainfall season, close to three times more intense than the past 30-year average. The rains have resulted in uncontrollable urban and flash floods and landslides across the country

Misri Khan-Jaffarabad

“We left everything behind, there is nothing for us back home, it is in the water”

Sehat Khatoon-Jaffarabad

“My husband was behind me, I saw him drown as we left our home, all is lost for me”

Sehat Khatoon witnessed the drowning of her husband while evacuating her home, her family is now displaced and living in a communal shelter space where there is shortage of food.

Mai Walita Jacobab

“I don’t know how I will ever forgive myself. My child lost his life while I was busy helping my family and picking up my valuables. My 4 months old is sick as she is a premature baby.”

In the middle of the night Mai Walitas house started to get flooded. She and her husband realized that they have to evacuate and thus they started to help their elders and also started to gather a few valuables. Meanwhile their 3 years old son tipped himself off the bed and fell in the water. A few minutes later when she realized that her son is not on bed Walita found him dead in water.