The Africa Learning Forum on Adaptation (ALFA 2017) which took place in Senegal in March 2017 aimed at strengthening the linkages and commitment towards high-quality adaptation programmes and actions, supported by capacity building opportunities, and resulting in long-term climate resilience among Africa’s vulnerable populations. Out of the event, has come the vision:  

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ALFA 2017 Communique

Towards a climate resilient Africa

ALFA 2017 Objectives: 

  1. Adaptation knowledge into action: drawing from successful adaptation initiatives, knowledge and evidence, and analysis of drivers and barriers.
  2. An African framework of experts: exchange on  adaptation learning, capacity building and training  opportunities in Africa, their current and future potential for sustainability and up-scaling.
  3. An enabling environment: exploring ideas for improved coordination, continuous learning, knowledge brokering and exchange related to adaptive decisions, capacity building and action.