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Adaptation Good Practice Checklist

The UNFCCC Paris Agreement creates the framework for increased financial flows for adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The Adaptation Good Practice Checklist provides guidance on actions and criteria which help to ensure that adaptation results in quality, impactful and long-term climate resilience for the most vulnerable people.

The nine practices in the AGP checklist define the range of activity areas that are needed for adaptation to climate change. They are derived from a synthesis of practical experience in Africa, UNFCCC and Green Climate Fund documents on adaptation planning, finance, gaps, paradigm shifts and social environmental safeguards.

The checklist supports design, decisions, capacity building, implementation and monitoring of adaptation, in relation to the rollout of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and adaptation finance. It can be used to inform or screen concepts, proposals, implementation plans and national budgets for the incorporation of and compliance with adaptation good practices, and to determine the focus of research and capacity building.

Who is the checklist for?

  1. Planners and proposal development teams to guide designs for NAPs, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Adaptation Fund (AF) and other financing mechanisms.
  2. Regional and national Implementing Entities (RIEs / NIEs), development banks, donors, and the AF and GCF boards to evaluate quality and effectiveness.
  3. Executing Entities and programme implementers to guide detailed design of adaptation processes and activities with stakeholders.
  4. Capacity building course developers to design curricula.