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By Sven Harmeling Sönke Kreft on 21st December 2015

Adaptation: A principled matter

Key principles of climate change adaptation are increasingly being incorporated into climate policy and finance. In the recently adopted initial monitoring and accountability framework, the Green Climate Fund seems to […]

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By Casey Williams on 18th December 2015

Thousands march for climate justice

As negotiators arrived in Paris in early December, thousands took to the streets to call for tough action on climate change at COP21. The Paris talks were widely thought to […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 18th December 2015

Historic climate deal signals hope for the poor, but its significance hangs on the actions that follow

The Paris Agreement on climate change is no doubt a historic deal that could become a trigger for transformational change in our world, building climate resilient and zero-emission development, whilst […]

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By Fiona Percy on 16th December 2015

How the Paris Climate Agreement will increase the momentum of adaptation

The UNFCCC Paris Agreement on climate change represents a historic commitment to tackling a global challenge and to ensure greener, climate resilient growth into the future, aiming to limit temperature […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 12th December 2015

Historic climate deal has not saved the world, but it gives a ray of hope for the world’s poorest people

(12 December, Paris) Today the world reached a landmark moment in the fight against climate change, but it is still not enough for the world’s poorest people, says humanitarian aid organisation […]

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By Nicola Ward on 11th December 2015

A little less conversation, a little more action at COP21

As the COP21 negotiations continue into the night to try and achieve an equitable and inclusive agreement which will put the world on a path to a low carbon, climate […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 9th December 2015

Countdown starts for Paris climate deal

(9 December, Paris) The endgame for the UN climate deal has begun with only a few days left until countries are expected to adopt a new agreement to tackle climate […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 8th December 2015

Adaptation: what’s on the table in the Paris Agreement draft?

As climate talks in Paris enter their final stage, this article identifies four potentially transformative elements based on ideas contained in the Paris Agreement that could improve and scale-up national […]

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