Published | 14th February 2015

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Community Digital Storytelling in Vietnam

In An Giang province, Cham fisherwomen and men often work through the night; casting their nets wide in search of a good catch to sell at the morning market. During the day, they send their children to school, fix their fishing nets, do embroidery, pray at the local mosque, repair their boats and get a bit of sleep before going out to fish again. As many are landless or landpoor, their lives depend on the river and the weather and they are highly affected by a changing climate. However, because they have little time to attend community meetings, are very mobile, and often do not understand or speak Vietnamese (the official language in Vietnam), it can be difficult for them to gain local climate information or share their concerns with influential community members or decision-makers.

CARE recognised the challenges facing this particular group when it asked Cham fisherwomen and men in An Giang if they would like to use Community Digital Storytelling to talk about climate change. CARE explained that through the activities they could share their stories and use those stories to build relationships with local and national policy-makers to jointly address their concerns.

Five Cham fisherwomen and eight fishermen worked with CARE and its partners in December 2013 to tell their stories. Two community narratives emerged through lengthy discussions about flood – the main climate event that impacts Cham fishing communities in An Giang. The stories show how the participants experience increasingly unpredictable floods, how it impacts on their daily lives and what they already do to deal with these changes.

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