CARE Yemen implements various programs that focus, primarily, on saving lives and livelihoods of conflict affected households through cash-based assistance as well as comprehensive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) assistance. In addition to humanitarian assistance, CARE Yemen is also implementing interventions that aim to enhance the recovery, resilience and self-reliance of communities. 

The following key activities are key elements of CARE Yemen’s resilience programming:

Conditional cash/food programming: This intervention has two prongs: increased access to cash/food and rehabilitation of key community assets. Most of CARE Yemen’s programs involve conditional cash/food programming and it was enabled to create and rehabilitate key livelihood assets (such as water schemes, agricultural land, rural roads, pasture land) to improve community member’s access to communal infrastructures that support resilient livelihoods and mitigate the impact of shocks and stresses.

Sustainable high and key growth commodities agriculture: Although it is a small-scale intervention, CARE Yemen supports farmers to promote high impact value chains through implementing various activities such as conducting value chain analysis; training extension workers and farmers on improved agronomic practices such as planting, weeding, pest management, and harvesting; provision of improved seeds to targeted farmers; and maintenance of irrigation canals to increase water supply.

Use of solar pump for water schemes: Through multiple projects, CARE Yemen has been constructing and rehabilitating water schemes, which use solar panels, rather than diesel, to pump water. Solar-powered water projects are more durable and less expensive and contribute to reduction of pollution that emanates from the use of diesels.