CARE Niger has technical expertise in the field of natural resource management based on its programmatic evolution. CARE Niger is developing initiatives that address community-based adaptation and resilience to climate change, as well as natural resource management. The added value of CARE Niger lies in its many years of work in the field of re-greening, which means that the organization is now well positioned to capitalize on its success and improve the evidence, influence, intensification and sustainability of FMNR (farmer managed natural regeneration) in Niger.

CARE Niger is building its climate change and resilience approach by linking it with the Village Savings and Loans Approach (VSLA) that was born in Niger in 1991. This approach is the gateway for CARE Niger to implement all climate change resilience and adaptation projects in Niger and has achieved extraordinary results, particularly the reduction of poverty in households, reducing inequalities and injustices in the community, and the ability to cope with food crises at the community and household level.

In addition to the VSLA approach, there are the Community Based Adaptation (CBA) and the 3A’s (Anticipation, Absorption and Adaptation). These three approaches facilitate the establishment and progressive consolidation of a CARE Niger strategy for building and measuring resilience.

Through these approaches, CARE Niger promotes the rights and responsibilities of women and men in their different social situations and roles in community-based adaptation activities. Thus, special emphasis is placed on understanding and addressing gender-specific differences in adaptive capacity, exposing gender issues that exacerbate vulnerability.