Cuba is at risk of multiple natural disasters. The hurricane season lasts six months and the country is prone to flooding, prolonged droughts and earthquakes. Although Cuba has one of the best disaster preparedness systems in the region, devastating hurricanes can still leave widespread damage. CARE Cuba’s approach to natural disasters involves supporting the local authorities in responding,  rehabilitation and recovery, and capacity building for humanitarian emergencies and slow-onset disasters. CARE is building disaster risk reduction into ongoing development programs, with particular emphasis on ensuring farmers minimize the risk of future disasters through appropriate land and resource management, and risk reduction planning at a local level. CARE Cuba’s emergency response and emergency preparedness work prioritizes women-headed households, boys, girls, the elderly and people with disabilities.   

From CARE Cuba’s initial focus on food and agriculture, their program has expanded over the years to include water and sanitation, sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian sectors.