Climate change poses a fundamental threat to sustainable economic development and, therefore, is a critical threat to CARE’s mission to tackle global poverty. In Cambodia, enhancing communities’ resilience has become increasingly important as Cambodians feel the impacts of a changing climate.

CARE Cambodia Climate and Resilience Factsheet

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In Cambodia, CARE’s approach is to work both with small-scale producers and farmers, and with local government in remote rural areas to improve community resilience to climate change. CARE Cambodia has a strong focus on women farmers, as they believe that the full inclusion of women in development processes is essential to overcome poverty and vulnerabilities. CARE has extensive experience in engaging with women farmers to improve yields and develop climate-resilient agricultural practices in their communities. CARE prioritizes promoting women’s leadership as an effective way to develop community-based expertise and increase overall resilience. CARE also works closely with local government to support planning processes, promote early warning, and link to existing legislation at the national level.