Resilience Marker

CARE’s Resilience Marker is a tool that allows teams to self-assess how well resilience has been integrated into their work. It supports CARE members, affiliates, country offices, and partners with assessing projects, programmes and the overall portfolio. This process encourages engagement and learning, in particular about ways in which we can improve and support the effective integration of resilience into all our programming in accordance with contextual constraints and opportunities.

This Resilience Marker is not a top-down judgment tool for projects or programmes. Rather, it should be considered as a bottom-up opportunity to reflect and learn about how we can integrate resilience into an intervention in the most appropriate way for the context and type of development or humanitarian programming.

The Marker Guidance document provides a theoretical background on Resilience, the marker, and the scoring. It provides a step by step guidance, with detailed examples, on how to fill out the Vetting Form.
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This document is the actual vetting form to be used for scoring Programs and projects. With simple steps, it helps the reader to score it’s project along CAREs resilience continuum and provides space for feedback and sharing of learnings.
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