A global group within a worldwide movement to address climate change causes and impacts. 


Inge Vianen
CCRP Global Leader
The Hague, Netherlands


Wouter Bokdam
Integrated Risk Management Coordinator
The Hague, Netherlands


Sven Harmeling
Global Policy Lead on Climate Change and Resilience
Bonn, Germany


Sophia Benalfew
CCRP Senior Technical Advisor
Boston, USA


Karl Deering
Director of Climate Resilient Agriculture
The Hague, Netherlands


Camilla Schramek
Head of Climate Change & Resilience Communications
Copenhagen, Denmark


Aarjan Dixit
Senior Consultant on Climate Change and Resilience
Manila, Philippines


Pierre Kadet
Senior Manager for Food Security & Resilience
Ottawa, Canada


Sheri Lim
Team Leader, Climate Change & Resilience
London, UK


Wieteke Overbeek
Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) Advisor
The Hague, Netherlands


Shaughn McArthur
Advocacy & Government Relations Advisor
Ottawa, Canada


Nick Kootnikoff
Senior Manager, Program & Business Development
Ottawa, Canada


Aurélie Ceinos
Regional Climate Resilient Specialist
Paris, France


Hayley Capp
Inclusive Governance and Resilience Knowledge & Learning Officer
London, UK