Aarjan Dixit

Aarjan Dixit

Senior Consultant on Climate Change and Resilience

Based in: Kathmandu, Nepal

Languages: English, Nepali

Aarjan has worked with multiple CARE country offices in the Asia Pacific region, providing support for program development and quality, developing learning and knowledge management products, as well as in drafting strategies around climate change adaptation, resilience, disaster risk reduction. Aarjan was also involved in the development of CARE International’s approach to increasing resilience, and part of CARE's Climate Change Adaptation theme team, working closely with CARE colleagues, on advocacy, resource mobilisation, research partnerships and good practice on the intersection between adaptation, disaster risk reduction, loss and damage and resilience. Most recently, Aarjan has been involved in the setting up of a resilience learning lab in the Philippines, drafting a resilience strategy for a nutrition project in Nepal, and working on developing various project and program proposals for funding.

Aarjan's academic background is in political science and environmental management. He joined CARE after four years at the World Resources Institute, a policy research organisation based in Washington D.C., where he conducted research on various climate change adaptation topics in Asia and Africa.

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