Published | 6th August 2014

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Facing Uncertainty

The value of climate information for adaptation, risk reduction and resilience in Africa

This brief explains why and how climate information is a valuable resource for informing responses to climate variability and change. Based on lessons from ALP and national meteorological services in Ghana, Kenya and Niger it demonstrates how climate information can inform decision making, planning and policy development and ensure results are climate resilient.

This learning paper presents insights into why climate information is a valuable resource for effective decisionmaking and planning for disaster risk reduction, adaptation and resilience in the face of uncertainty. The paper also offers practical ways in which climate information and communication can be integrated into planning processes, projects and programmes, with a strong focus on working with meteorological services. As a member of the Kenya Meteorological Service (KMS), integration of climate information services in adaptation has created an avenue for directly interacting with users and improving the presentation and understanding of climate information generated by KMS. This has significantly increased our profile at subnational (county) level and contributed to the integration of adaptation into government services in the agriculture and livestock sectors. It is my hope that actors concerned with climate change across Africa will benefit from the information presented in this document and use it to catalyse effective adaptation and resilience to climate variability and change, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

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