Published | 21st September 2017

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Climate Change and Resilience

Climate change threatens the livelihoods of people and communities across the globe. CARE takes a comprehensive approach to building resilience to the negative economic threat concomitant with climate change. Through addressing food security, gender equality, social capital, and influencing policy processes, CARE hopes to alleviate the negative impacts of climate change and help build resilience.

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to sustainable economic development and, therefore, is a critical threat to CARE’s mission to tackle global poverty. As part of its global Program Strategy, CARE seeks to increase the food and nutrition security and the climate resilience of 50 million people by 2020, and to increase resilience and integrate climate change across its portfolio.

Click HERE to read CARE’s Climate Change and Resilience Capacity Statement



Around the world, CARE invests in a multitude of projects and programs to help build the resilience of vulnerable populations to climate change. The accomplishments of these programs help families become more food and financially secure in times of crisis and help to empower women.

Click HERE to read CARE’s Climate Change Resilience Programs Around the World Evidence Document 


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