Published | 17th December 2018

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Climate Change and Resilience Work – CARE Netherlands

Around the world, natural disasters, both large and small are on the rise. Climate change causes more extreme and unpredictable weather, people are increasingly forced to live in high risk areas and the percentage of global surface with degraded ecosystems is rapidly growing. These negative trends, disproportionally affect those living in poverty, resulting in an annual average of over 220 million people around the world being directly affected by natural disasters. Climate change is becoming the main cause of the loss of lives and destruction of economies.

Building Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters

To counter this rise in disasters and disaster losses, CARE aims to build resilience of individuals and communities by strengthening livelihoods, restoring degraded ecosystems and adapting to a changing climate. CARE’s approach for this is threefold.

  1. We support communities to prevent and prepare for climate change and disasters
  2. We support community based adaptation in the face of climate change
  3. We work with communities, civil society organizations and governments to influence policies and regulations to address the underlying causes of vulnerability of different groups of people, and improve the social, economic and ecological systems and structures that support them

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