Published | 15th February 2019

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Civil Society Engagement with the Green Climate Fund

A factsheet for civil society

The Governing Instrument of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) recognizes the importance of stakeholder input and participation. It requests the Fund’s Board to “develop mechanisms to promote the input and participation of stakeholders, including private-sector actors, civil society organizations, vulnerable groups, women and indigenous peoples in the design, development and implementation of the strategies and activities to be financed by the Fund.”

Despite some existing challenges, civil society organizations (CSOs) have a number of opportunities to engage in the GCF at various levels (national, regional and international), enabling interactions with the Fund’s Board, its Secretariat, and other stakeholders active in the GCF.

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Click here to read: ‘Fiche d’information sur le Programme de préparation et de soutien préparatoire du Fonds vert pour le climat

This publication outlines a number of national engagement opportunities with the GCF, including

  1. Dialogue – voicing CSO’s demands locally
  2. Advocacy – requesting quality in GCF projects
  3. Implementation – becoming a key GCF player
  4. Watchdog – monitoring and tracking results
  5. Capacity building and awareness raising

As well as opportunities for regional and international engagement:

  1. GCF Regional Structured Dialogues
  2. Observing GCF Board meetings
  3. Engaging with the GCF CSO Constituency
  4. Interacting with the GCF Secretariat

Lastly, the factsheet outlines relevant policies for civil society:

  1. Information Disclosure Policy
  2. Observer Participation Policy
  3. Guidelines for Enhanced Country Ownership
  4. Indigenous Peoples Policy
  5. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy

This factsheet was published under the project “CSOs readiness to the GCF – focus Africa” jointly implemented by: Germanwatch, enda, PACJA, AESVT, ISONECC, Kasa Ghana

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