Published | 29th September 2015

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Changing Business as Usual

Substantial humanitarian and development action is urgently needed in the Sahel sub-region until the end of 2016 and beyond. Every year since 2012, whether rains are good or bad, over 20 million people in the Sahel suffer from chronic hunger and are locked in a debt and hunger trap from which they cannot escape.

For effective promotion of resilience, the priority challenges are:

  • overcoming gender barriers preventing women farmers from accessing land, water, savings and credit, as well as appropriate extension services;
  • harnessing agriculture to contribute to improved nutrition;
  • shifting investments to support sustainable and climate resilient farming systems (agroecology);
  • promoting highly promising agroforestry approaches;
  • investing more in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); and
  • supporting social protection.

The ‘Changing Business as Usual: Assessing development policy and practice in the Sahel from a resilience lens’ policy brief provides messages and recommendations on resilience, from an integrated humanitarian and development perspective viewed through a strong gender justice lens.

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