Published | 7th March 2017

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CARE’s submission to the UNFCCC Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage: put the most vulnerable at the center

CARE International welcomes the opportunity to submit views for the development of the Warsaw International Mechanism 5year work plan. CARE has been engaging in the work of the WIM from its beginning and sees the 5year work plan as crucial to steer the WIM into a direction which delivers
concrete sustainable development, resilience and climate action benefits for the those populations who are the poorest and often most vulnerable to climate change impacts, many of them women and girls, and small-scale food producers in developing countries.

In addition to developing a strong vision for the WIM, CARE demands that the WIM:

  1. Enhance action and support and generate additional, responsibility-based finance.
  2. Develop a gender action plan in 2017.
  3. Take into account key events and reports in the coming years.
  4. Pay special attention to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable by completing six specific objectives.
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