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18th September 2018
Punching Below Their Weight: Monitoring the G7 support for adaptation and gender equality

This report presents, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of the finance provided by the G7 group, as the main causers of climate change and main providers of climate finance, to developing countries for climate change adaptation and to what extent it promotes gender equality.

12th July 2018
Where the Rain Falls: 2014-2016 Results and Outcomes

This brief is aimed at summarizing the WtRF approach adopted and the main results of the activities implemented from 2014-2016.

3rd July 2018
A Journey of a Thousand Smiles: Stories of Resilient People

These stories are the examples of how communities are uniquely affected by climate change and how PfR Indonesia and its stakeholders work together and come up with unique solutions that further help strengthening community resilience and securing their livelihoods.

26th June 2018
Livelihoods for Resilience Activity: Village Economic and Social Associations (VESA) Manual

The Livelihoods for Resilience Activity, also known as GRAD 2, seeks to help 97,900 households graduate from the PSNP with resilience, by achieving four objectives.

22nd June 2018
Learning Brief: Graduation with Resilience to Achieve Sustainable Development (GRAD)

GRAD was a five-year USAID-funded project designed to help the Government of Ethiopia find sustainable solutions to chronic food insecurity

20th June 2018
Modeling Future Lakes in Glacier Beds: First Experiences in Peru

Climate change has caused a dramatic reduction in glacier extent and volume in Peru. This report includes pioneering work of compiling and locating possible future lakes in Peru.

13th June 2018
Promoting Pro-Poor Adaptation to Climate Change

Civil society from across the world using the Joint Principles for Adaptation to build resilient communities and enhance adaptation governance

9th June 2018
Practical Guide to Participatory Scenario Planning: Seasonal climate information for resilient decision-making

Participatory Scenario Planning (PSP) for seasonal climate forecast decision making is an approach to collaborative design and delivery of seasonal user-centred climate information services

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