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6th March 2019
Integrated Risk Management Law and Policy Checklist

The aim of the checklist is to identify areas for improvement within current legislation, policies and implementation in relation to the Partners for Resilience (PfR) Integrated Risk Management (IRM) approach.

6th March 2019
Using the CARE Markers as a Learning Opportunity

This case study outlines CARE Sierra Leone's experience using CARE's Gender, Resilience and Inclusive Governance Markers

25th February 2019
Resilient Livelihoods

This study documents the various experiences of households and communities in the Philippines that, sustaining serious losses particularly from the Bopha disaster in 2012 and Haiyan in 2013, have emerged successful in adopting strategies that would protect their livelihood assets and capacities from anticipated recurring disasters.

20th February 2019
Suffering in Silence: The 10 Most Under-Reported Humanitarian Crises of 2018

The aim of this report is to highlight those crises that have received little public attention, many of which are exacerbated by climate change.

18th February 2019
Info Note: Climate Smart Agriculture and SuPER Approach

This note focuses on testing a new model combining micro-finance and farmer training to upscale the adoption of climate-smart agriculture practices by small-scale farmers in developing countries.

15th February 2019
Civil Society Engagement with the Green Climate Fund

This factsheet outlines the number of opportunities civil society organizations have to engage in the GCF at various levels (national, regional and international)

16th January 2019
Insuring for a Changing Climate

This report reviews CARE’s experience with microinsurance through seven case studies.

17th December 2018
Climate Change and Resilience Work – CARE Netherlands

CARE Nederland focuses its impact 27 countries worldwide, implementing 50 projects in 2017-2018. At the same time, CARE Nederland hosts the CCRP which leads on CARE’s climate change and resilience work globally and provides support to our 132 programs working on climate change and resilience, reaching directly over 2 Million people worldwide.

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