Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Societies Through Integration of Climate and Ecosystems into Disaster Risk Reduction

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Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction

Policy Recommendations

This publication includes Partners for Resilience’s (PfR) 10 key policy recommendations for the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR):

  1. Accelerate the integration of DRR in the adaptation agenda which is gaining increasing momentum
  2. Advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in disaster preparedness
  3. Step up efforts to halt mal-development driving increase of water-related disasters
  4. Step up investments in frontrunner initiatives and bankable projects on green infrastructure
  5. Better integrate ecosystems and their services into urban design, land use management and investment
  6. Integrate ecosystem safeguarding in peacebuilding intiatives in regions vulnerable to risk
  7. Enable the better reporting on ecosystem losses and progress made on nature-based solutions
  8. Support the development of intersectoral and socially-inclusive partnership initiatives
  9. Ensure the maintenance and increase of space for meaningful civil society inclusion
  10. Promote international mechanisms for additional funding