SuPER approach to smallholder agriculture

Sustainable, Productive, Equitable and Resilient livelihoods, and food and nutrition security, in a changing climate

Vietnam_Mangrove_NurseryCARE’s SuPER approach to agriculture promotes investments that:

  • Promote sustainable agricultural systems that are grounded in healthy ecosystems, stable, accountable and enduring institutions and sustainable financing
  • Promote productive, (including profitable, and nutrition-sensitive) intensification interventions that are ‘climate smart’ and increase returns on investment for farmers
  • Promote equitable outcomes in smallholder agriculture by enabling access to equal rights, opportunities, resources and rewards; taking into account the needs and constraints of women farmers; and supporting access to affordable nutritious food for all
  • Help individuals, families, communities and systems to become resilient i.e. able to withstand and bounce back from environmental and economic shocks and stresses, including those exacerbated by climate change

SuPER Resources

  1. The 4 SuPER principles
  2. SuPER Food Systems – Four Principles to End Hunger
  3. Developing the SuPER approach at the Malawi Learning Event, 2014 – Workshop report


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