SuPER approach for small-scale agriculture

Sustainable, Productive, Equitable and Resilient livelihoods, and food and nutrition security, in a changing climate

Vietnam_Mangrove_NurserySuPER is a set of principles that guides our work in small-scale agriculture in a changing climate. By sustainable, we mean agriculture that is protecting and enhancing natural resources and at the same time driven by inclusive and accountable institutions and policies. We want sustainable social and economic policies that prioritise gender equality because we do not believe that sustainability is possible without tackling gender-based discrimination. By productive and profitable we mean that we want to increase yields and incomes among small-scale farmers. We want to specifically address the needs of women producers by reducing labour burden and increasing household nutrition. By equitable we mean enabling equal access to opportunities, resources, services and rewards for women farmers as well as men and promoting access to affordable nutritious food for all. We want respect for human rights as part of our drive for equity. By resilience we mean communities are able to withstand and recover from climate-related and other shocks by supporting community-based adaptation, and using market, technical and climate information to support farmer-led analysis, planning and risk management.

SuPER Resources

  1. The 4 SuPER principles
  2. SuPER Food Systems – Four Principles to End Hunger
  3. Developing the SuPER approach at the Malawi Learning Event, 2014 – Workshop report
  4. SuPER resource paper for practitioners and fundraisers


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