Building Resilience in the Asia-Pacific

Building resilience to disasters and climate change in the Asia-Pacific: Promoting gender equality and women’s voice

We strive to get women in solidarity, to get them structured and strengthened in such a way that they can get strong (….). Knowledge is not enough, they must have confidence and capacity, to stand up, to stand out and to receive confidence.’ Interview, Lao Women’s Union, 2015.

CARE Australia has been working with communities in the Asia-Pacific region for over three decades, supporting women, their families, and local communities to build their capacities to prepare, adapt and respond to disasters and climate change.

This research report, learning brief, guidance notes and case studies, are the product of research on 11 projects implemented by CARE Australia in the Asia-Pacific region. They provide important and practical insights into efforts to strengthen the resilience of communities to disasters and to the impacts of climate change, with a strong focus on how to work for gender equality and women’s voice in resilience initiatives.

Promoting gender equality and women’s voice is core to CARE’s global contribution to overcoming the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice.

Our work uses participatory, rights-based approaches, with a specific focus on women’s voice, confidence, knowledge, skills and aspirations. We also work with men and boys to engage in shifting gender relations and to be part of a change that promotes respect and support for the significant but often unacknowledged contributions that women and girls make in their communities. CARE’s experience is that achieving gender equality and women’s voice requires transformative change, not only empowering women, but also transforming the social, cultural and political factors that help or hinder people’s realization of full human rights.


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