CARE calls for a warming limit of 1.5°C. Governments must take concrete steps to put the 1.5°C limit into practice. Taking into account historical and evolving responsibilities, they must build it into future regular stocktakes, and promote pro-poor renewable energies.

Governments must now follow-up the Paris Agreement with increased urgent action to prevent average global warming from rising 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Particularly countries with the highest historical and current responsibilities for GHG emissions need to immediately increase ambition in domestic emissions reductions, along with increasing support for poorer countries to help them accelerate their transition. This is a matter of justice and equity. Such reductions should pave the way towards phasing-out of fossil fuel emissions and investments, accelerate a just transition towards 100% clean renewable energy as soon as possible and before 2050, and simultaneously enhance energy efficiency and consumption.

Visit our joint website with the Climate Vulnerable Forum and CAN International. Together, we are calling for a warming limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The strong call by a group of vulnerable countries, including those organized in the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), and by a rapidly increasing number of civil society organisations to include a 1.5°C limit in the Paris Agreement gained unprecedented and unexpected momentum. The temperature limit was strengthened to “well below 2 degrees” and to pursue efforts to limit to 1.5°C, as this would reduce harmful impacts significantly compared to a 2°C increase. Furthermore, the Parus Agreement highlights the need to rapidly reduce emissions towards achieving “net-zero”, preferably by the middle of the century or earlier.

In order to progress on the 1.5°C limit, CARE called on COP22 to take the following steps:


To arrange an interview or to find out more about CARE’s work with the #1o5C campaign, please contact:

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