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Kenya Country Report

Impact assessment on climate information services for community-based adaptation to climate change

Country assessments into the impact of climate information services (CIS) in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and Niger were carried out in 2016 to review the quality, practices and impacts of climate information services (CIS) approaches developed and implemented by CARE’s Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP).

In Kenya, this focused on the Participatory Scenario Planning (PSP) approach for interpreting and using seasonal forecasts for adaptation decision making at County sub-national level. PSP has been mainstreamed in all 47 Kenya Counties as a seasonal decision making platform, since 2014. This report provides an analysis of data from face-to-face interviews in Kenyan communities and villages, as well as from PSP reports from previous rainfall seasons. The assessment identifies the success factors and challenges of the PSP process through analysis of the embedded PSP principles.

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Impact Assessment on Climate Information Services for Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change