There is increasing consensus among the development and climate action community that the transformation of our food systems will both require and entail new technologies, organizations, and ways of working together.

Recent global stakeholder dialogues in the run up to the UN Food System Summit 2021 and the COP26 have developed a shared vision, in which national and regional hubs shall develop, test, and scale innovations to promote better integration of data and digital systems that facilitate a transformation in food systems

Food system transformations will require a new approach towards innovation to be able to deliver impacts at scale. Innovations need to be context-specific and respond to myriads of different famers’ needs.

Modular design is a ‘new’ way to design, bundle and scale innovations, and this Info Note outlines the main principles and phases of modular design, with the example of Climate Information Services (CIS).

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Designing a modular approach towards innovation

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