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Increasing Resilience

CARE’s Top Learning 2017

CARE’s Increasing Resilience framework, also outlined in the Increasing Resilience Theoretical Guidance Document, guides our work to ensure all of CARE’s programs and projects are risk-informed, and will support the increase of resilience of those who are affected or threatened by shocks and stresses.

Increasing resilience is an on-going process, not a final outcome that can be achieved within a specific time-frame. CARE’s approach towards increasing resilience, developed through a consultative process and based on past CARE work, can be summarized as: If the capacities and assets to deal with various shocks, stresses, uncertainty and change are built & supported, and if drivers of risk are reduced, and if these actions are supported by an enabling environment, then resilience is increased. Change needs to take place and be sustained in all three domains to achieve this impact.