on 13th October 2016

IDRR16: Disaster risk reduction delivers benefits, says CARE study on Vanuatu

13 October is the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction (IDRR), an annual reminder of the importance of investing into disaster preparedness as a means to save lives and values and help people better withstand disasters. According to a new impact study of CARE Vanuatu’s work, communities in Vanuatu who had received disaster risk reduction (DRR) were far better prepared for Super Cyclone Pam than communities that had not done any DRR training. Women were much more respected, their voices were heard and they were able to take up leadership positions in the disaster committees. Women and men played complementary roles in preparing their communities ahead of the storm. Women care of the elderly and the sick, secured food stocks, and prepared safe houses where people took refuge during the storm. No one was left behind.

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