on 9th November 2017

COP23 must build resilience for people in greatest need

Interview with Pierre Kadet, Senior Manager, Food Security and Resilience to Climate Change with CARE Canada

What do you see as the most important issues at this year’s COP?
I will be looking for COP23 to ensure that climate change adaptation reaches people most in need in the context of broader strategies to build resilience. The pathways to make that happen are in the Paris Agreement. Now we need countries to finish the technical work of implementation on the Global Goal on Adaptation no later than COP25 in 2019, which really means setting the process in motion this year.

I will also be looking for more advanced economies to live up to the principles of balanced international climate finance for climate adaptation and mitigation. Adaptation only receives about 16% of total international climate finance. We need to move to a 50-50 funding balance to help developing countries deal with unavoidable impacts like food insecurity, loss of livelihoods, conflict, and migration.

What will success look like at this year’s COP?
A successful COP will scale up gender-equitable, pro-poor adaptation actions and finance to boost the resilience of vulnerable women and girls and their communities, establish an effective work program on agriculture and food security, endorse the UN climate secretariat’s Gender Action Plan, and give it the resources it needs to influence the Paris Rulebook negotiations.

What role can Canada’s official delegation play to make that happen?
In June 2017, Canada outlined its Feminist Foreign Policy and released a Feminist International Assistance Policy. Inclusive and green economic growth for the poorest and most vulnerable are also central to the way Canada has promised to help tackle poverty and inequality worldwide.

Now it’s time for the country to lead by example by promoting the role of women and youth in moving toward resilient livelihoods and communities, shifting its own international climate finance toward the 50:50 balance, and continuing to support the implementation of the Gender Action Plan.

What role will you be playing during the conference?
I’m a member of four amazing and dynamic delegations: The Government of Canada delegation, the CARE International delegation, the Canadian Coalition on Climate Change for Development (C4D), and of course CAN-Rac and CAN International.

How many UN climate conferences have you attended?

Up to three adjectives to describe a COP?
Exciting, stressful, thirsty to see what comes out of it!

On average how many hours of sleep do you get while the COP is underway?
Maximum 3

How many cups of coffee do you drink?

How many hours can you stay awake in a negotiating session? When my main interests are under threat, 24

The biggest difference between the COP and the rest of your work?
Sharing the same “office” with so many climate and environment specialists and decision-makers at once

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