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Community-Based Adaptation in Practice

A global overview of CARE International’s practice of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to climate change

This paper documents CARE’s current practice of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to climate change and shows how, increasingly, elements of the approach are evolving and being integrated into other development sectors. This synthesis of 16 CBA project examples from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean informs an ongoing process to update CARE’s various tools and approaches to CBA for practitioner use.

CARE promotes Community-Based Adaptation to climate change because we believe it to be a highly effective approach for the following reasons:

  • Generating adaptation strategies with communities and other local stakeholders improves the uptake and sustainability of the process because communities develop a strong sense of ownership and their priorities are met.
  • Enhancing communities’ awareness and understanding of climate change and uncertainty enables them to create responsive plans and make more flexible and context-appropriate decisions.
  • Embedding new knowledge and understanding into existing community structures expands and strengthens those structures as well as institutional mechanisms.