Nepal is a landlocked Himalayan country with high vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and disasters and has already experienced changes in temperature and precipitation at a faster rate than the global average.

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Climate change adaptation is at the center of Nepal’s development plans and policies. Accessing and utilizing international climate finance is key to enhancing Nepal’s resilience to climate change and achieving sustainable development. However, climate finance is a new ‘genre’ for the government. As no clear definition of climate finance exists nationally or internationally, the government is still in the process of understanding and navigating the tools to access internationally available resources.

Nepal receives a significant amount in the name of adaptation finance, however, there are discrepancies in tracking how these funds are being planned and utilized by all involved parties and as per the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In light of this, CARE Nepal has recently accomplished a study on Adaptation Finance Tracking.

This report presents part of the outcome of an international pilot project on tracking climate adaptation finance which was simultaneously conducted covering six developing countries – Nepal, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Civil society organizations with expertise in the areas relevant to this report’s analysis assessed multilateral and bilateral projects in support of climate change adaptation in the respective countries. In Nepal, the study was carried out in partnership with Prakriti Resource Center (PRC), Kathmandu.

The project has been financed by CARE Denmark and CARE Netherlands using public funds from Danida and the Dutch government in the Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership and is managed by CARE Nepal. I am very pleased to share with you the Climate Adaptation Finance Study Report Nepal 2020. This document intends to provide an overview of the adaptation finance coming to Nepal and whether they are aligned with the standard adaptation finance principal. This report was written by an assessment team from Prakriti Resources Centre and were assisted by an Advisory Group consisting of various experts from Nepal. We wish to thank everyone who has contributed to this report.

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Climate Adaptation Finance Study Report – Nepal