Gender-Just Climate Action: Time for Ambition

The Paris Agreement provides a legal framework for collective action that can unlock much-needed ecological, social and economic solutions. But there  is no more time to waste.  A line has been drawn between the heroes and laggards – the latter can no longer be allowed to hold back progress, while the former must be elevated as standard bearers for the many who still sit on the fence.

Despite some constructive commitments to climate action, the recent UN Climate Action Summit was largely a missed opportunity by too many governments who have yet to demonstrate their readiness to do their part. COP25 will not be able to entirely fill the action gap, but must advance on specific areas of concern at this pivotal time in global climate policy  and action. This publication outlines CARE’s key demands for COP25 on ambition, finance, gender and agriculture.

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CARE’s Expectations for COP25