on 5th March 2018

Building coastal resilience in Thailand and Indonesia

In heavily populated coastal areas of Thailand and Indonesia, high levels of erosion due to environmental degradation are being exacerbated by climate change impacts, such as rising sea levels and increased storm surge. The resulting intrusion of salt water into shallow freshwater areas causes significant change to ecosystems and disrupt the livelihoods of those dependent upon them. Poor people in coastal areas are also exposed to increasingly frequent and severe weather events.

In response, Raks Thai Foundation and CARE Indonesia – in partnership with CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg (CARE DL) and CCRP – are implementing the ‘Building coastal resilience to reduce climate change impact in Southern Thailand and South Sulawesi, Indonesia’ (BCR-CC) project.

Through BCR-CC, CARE works closely with coastal authorities and civil society organizations to progressively integrate climate change adaptation into sub-national development, environment and disaster risk reduction strategies and plans; and to design and implement innovative community-based adaptation activities that reduce risks from coastal hazards.

Community Information Cartoon- Mi’s coastal adventures


This video is also available in Indonesian (Bahasa) and Thai.

Living with climate change poses one of the greatest challenges for coastal communities which are directly impacted by the consequences such as severe flooding and coastal erosion. There is a lack of understandable information which considers the local conditions. Communities and decision makers often feel constrained to take action to deal with these developments. The educational animation movie “Mi’s coastal adventures” was created for communities in Indonesia and Thailand to raise awareness on climate change adaptation.

Mi, a surfing shrimp, discovers the impact of climate change and adaptation activities in coastal communities in South East Asia. While surfing Mi is caught by a wave and gets washed up on a coast far away from her home. There she finds new friends, and takes the audience on a journey about climate change and gets to know ways to deal with the impacts.

The movie aims to motivate students, community members and politicians to work together and to start activities in their communities to protect and maintain their environment.

Other BCR-CC resources:

Climate Vulnerability Capacity Analysis – A report from the South of Thailand

Climate Vulnerability Capacity Analysis – A report from four districts in South Sulawesi, Indonesia


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