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By Camilla Schramek on 30th November 2018

Building Climate Resilience for All: The Story of One

For households in Ethiopia like Nasir’s, increasingly erratic weather patterns are having a negative impact on agricultural production and income. CARE’s USAID funded GRAD program shares information about climate risks […]

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By Camilla Schramek on 22nd November 2018

Under the mango tree: My visit to Mozambique and Zambia

Sitting under a mango tree in a small, rural community in Mozambique this past November, I began to truly appreciate the meaning of lasting change… I had traveled to Mozambique […]

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By Camilla Schramek on 20th November 2018

Communities Catapult Wetlands Management Planning in Otuke District

Integrating risk management into policies and investments, and scaling up good practices from 2011-2018 led to increased resilience in the Otuke district. Communities in the Partners for Resilience (PfR) project […]

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31st October 2018

Productive Chains Based on Forestry Incentives for Women

Esquipulas Palo Gordo is a municipality of San Marcos with a longstanding tradition of taking care of its forests, habitat to the Quetzal, Guatemala’s symbolic bird. This experience refers to […]

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24th October 2018

Climate Information Services for Resilient Decision-Making by Women Smallholders in Chhattisgarh

CARE India, with financial support from AXA, has been implementing the Where the Rain Falls (WtRF) project in 40 villages of the Bagicha and Pathalgaon blocks of Jashpur district in […]

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24th October 2018

Changing Lives with Agriculture Interventions

Anila Deewan is a woman farmer from Chandagarh village of Pathalgaon block, Jashpur district, Chhattisgarh. Her family is completely dependent on agriculture for their living. A major part of her […]

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By Camilla Schramek on 23rd October 2018

The time for gender-smart action on disaster risk reduction is now

Women can help lead efforts to reduce losses in disasters – if they get a chance The impacts of disaster and climate change discriminate: women, men, girls and boys are […]

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