Climate change is reshaping the world youth are due to inherit.

The destructive impacts of our changing climate are being felt all over the globe, and in a display of strength and solidarity that has mobilized hundreds of thousands and thrust Climate Justice onto the front pages, the world’s youth are standing up and saying enough is enough.

 Our Toolkit for Youth on Adaptation & Leadership, created in partnership with the Global Center on Adaptation and Norad, aims to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need so they can more effectively engage in climate adaptation policy, advocacy and action.

Young people have made their demands clear: this is their future, and they want a say in how it unfolds. But however impactful these clarion calls for change have been, young people are still excluded from political activities and taking on leadership roles. Understandably, young people want their own seat at the political table: they want to ensure that the choices, investments, and interventions being made on their behalf are responsive to their needs.

The Toolkit for Youth on Adaptation and Leadership:

  • Is available in French, Arabic and English
  • Consists of eight modules, with accompanying graphics and videos
  • Features youth-led case studies and activists from Africa and was designed with input from 40 youth organizations across the continent
  • Introduces and integrates gender in a cross-cutting way
  • Explores participatory approaches to further youth engagement
  • Is available free of charge

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for any young person who wants to play their part in promoting climate change adaptation solutions that help safeguard people and the planet.

It is designed to help you develop your leadership skills so that you can drive positive change in the face of the climate crisis.

This toolkit uses the terms “youth” and “young people” to refer to people between 15 and 35 years old.

What will you learn?

The toolkit covers essential materials and offers practical guidance on how young people can take part in adaptation policy processes, lead advocacy campaigns, and approach adaptation with an entrepreneurial mindset.

With modules that cover:

  • Understanding climate change
  • The basics of vulnerability and climate change adaptation
  • Vulnerable groups and climate adaptation planning
  • Learning from youth-led climate adaptation solutions: African case studies
  • Developing soft skills for youth leadership in adaptation
  • Engaging in climate adaptation policies: local, national, and international
  • Designing and implementing your adaptation advocacy strategy
  • Designing your adaptation action

It provides tools for designing and implementing climate change adaptation actions so that youth can be part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Any questions? Contact the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy. The Toolkit for Youth on Adaptation & Leadership is a project under the Global Center on Adaptation Youth Leadership Program, developed by the CARE Climate Justice Center with the financial support of Norad.