This four-month learning journey is an online training to familiarize CARE staff with the refreshed CVCA 2.0 tool so that they can become trainers and facilitate successful and interactive training on vulnerability and capacity analysis.

This learning journey is only available to individuals already working full-time for CARE. It requires a time commitment of 2-3 days per month over 4 months (September to December 2020).

Register by July 22, 2020


The learning journey is comprised of the following modules:

  • Introduction Module
  • Module 1: Refresher on CVCA 2.0 and main changes made to the manual
  • Module 2: Key supporting tools to facilitate the successful use of the CVCA
  • Module 3: Tools, approaches and training facilitation techniques
  • Module 4: Designing a successful CVCA training


The online training course phase consists of live classroom lessons with your fellow participants, led by CARE’s CVCA experts and blended with other learning resources, such as videos, quizzes, podcasts, key readings and online courses. During these sessions you will become better informed about how to facilitate CVCA trainings. The individual coaching phase complements this e-learning phase by partnering you with your very own coach, who will support you for a short period of time to develop a CVCA training for your own context.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, you will:

  1. Be familiar with CVCA 2.0.
  2. Be able to design successful and interactive CVCA Trainings.
  3. Be part of a pool of CARE CVCA trainers that will be able to regularly share their best practices, training materials and tools within CARE and with partners.

Who can apply?

We aim to make the CARE Climate and Resilience Academy as inclusive as possible. The following requirements apply. Applicants must:

  • Be employed by CARE.
  • Have used the CVCA handbook at least a couple of times in projects (or be familiar with other participatory VCA tools).
  • Be willing to become part of a pool of CARE CVCA trainers that will facilitate trainings for different offices, and regularly share their best practices and training materials
  • Be likely to organize a training on CVCA in the coming year.
  • Be available 2 to 3 days per month over the 4 month training period Sept– Dec 2020 (Total: 12 days).
  • Have the support of his/her manager.
  • Can communicate in English.


September to December 2020


600 USD*

We understand that some eligible applicants may NOT have the required funds available to cover the 600 USD course fees. For this reason we have TWO places available for applicants who cannot afford the fees and would not otherwise be able to take part in the CVCA learning journey. You will be able to apply for those free places when filling in the registration form.


Please contact Hayley Capp at